The Digital4Security is a pioneering European Masters Programme in Cybersecurity Management & Data Sovereignty, aimed at equipping European SMEs and companies across diverse sectors with the essential cybersecurity management, regulatory, and technical skills required to counteract existing and emerging cybersecurity threats. The project aims to bolster the resilience of European industries against cyberattacks, safeguard economic prosperity, and bolster long-term competitiveness and growth.

The mission of Digital4Security revolves around adaptability and responsiveness to market and industry demands, emphasising continuous evolution to address current and future cybersecurity risks effectively. It strives to support European companies, particularly SMEs, in minimizing security risks, constructing robust defences, and proficiently managing cyber incidents. Additionally, Digital4Security aligns with the objectives of the DIGITAL Europe Programme by swiftly funnelling a substantial number of graduates into high-demand roles outlined in ENISA's European Cybersecurity Skills Framework (ECSF). The ultimate goal is to reskill and upskill graduates, professionals, managers, and business leaders, empowering them to become 'Cyber Confident' and arming them with the cybersecurity management expertise necessary to fortify their cybersecurity infrastructure and implement rigorous incident prevention and management procedures.

Digital4Security Launch Event
📍 Bucharest, October 2023

Digital4Security has officially launched as a ground-breaking pan-European master's program aimed at addressing the escalating challenges posed by cybersecurity threats and data privacy concerns across all industries. With funding of almost 20 million euros from the European Union, this four-year initiative has garnered support from a Consortium comprising 35 partners spanning 14 countries. The launch event, held at Politehnica University of Bucharest, marked a significant moment in the fight against the growing digital threats. This industry-driven program will provide comprehensive knowledge of cybersecurity management, regulatory compliance, and technical expertise to European SMEs and companies.

At the launch event, Programme Director and UPB Dean of of the Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, Mihnea Moisescu, praised the international commitment and the vision of all partner organisations, and said such a transformative programme is “highly relevant today because the digital landscape is constantly evolving, and cyber threats are on the rise”.

Tudor Prisecaru, State Secretary with Romanian Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalisation, said that “Cybersecurity is a global concern” that affects all citizens, from individuals, to businesses, large organisations and national security.”

He said at the launch: “A master's programme provides the opportunity for students to
engage in cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of cybersecurity. Graduates of master's programmes in cybersecurity can contribute to the global effort to address these concerns. Raising awareness about cybersecurity best practices is essential. A master's program can equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to educate others about staying safe in the digital world.”
Digital4Security is funded under the European Commission’s flagship DIGITAL Europe Programme, which provides €7.5 billion of funding to accelerate the economic recovery and shape the digital transformation of Europe’s society.

DIGITALEurope Project Communications Officer Irene Marinelli said the time is right for such an innovative programme. Speaking after the launch, she said: “The need to recruit, retain and maintain a sufficient number of cybersecurity professionals in Europe has become increasingly urgent today. The kick-off meeting for the Digital4Security project was a great opportunity to start the 4-year collaboration with partners and create the foundations for an innovative and market-led European Masters Programme in Cybersecurity Management & Data Sovereignty.”

The project is a highly market-led sustainable European cybersecurity master’s programme that will address the growing cybersecurity skills gap in European industries and public sector organisations. It will focus on industry needs and demands, and build Europe-wide cybersecurity knowledge through a unique combination of academic accreditation and industry certification.

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